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Member Case Study

Mark Thomas

Logistics Manager at Operation Flinders Foundation Inc.

“Not for profit organisations experience a constant struggle to maintain services. Knowing we are not alone gives solace whilst keeping the doors open.”

Operation Flinders aims to transform young people’s lives through evidence based remote, outback intervention programs. Young people with challenging backgrounds are provided with a psychological circuit breaker intended to increase resilience in order to tackle the challenges of life. The program is especially designed to improve self-confidence and self-esteem, ability to work in teams, and ability to accept responsibility.

Joining CCI in 2019, the initial drawcard was the opportunity to leverage the savings from increased purchasing power as part of a wider group. The organisation purchases food supplies for their remote and outback programs, as well as consumables and services for the hub bases.

Mark confirmed the membership has delivered benefits: “We have unlocked discounts previously unavailable to us giving us savings we can put towards our programs. Also, during Covid-caused supply chain disruptions, we were able to have a priority network of suppliers to support us.”

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