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Member Case Study

Steve Mahar

Support Services Manager at Amber Aged Care
“Being a member of CCI gives us confidence & the knowledge that we are working together with other not for profit organisations for the benefit of our residents”

Established in 1992, Amber Aged Care is a 40 bed residential facility with 12 independent living units located in the north eastern Adelaide suburb of Paradise. They strive to provide all residents with a culturally diverse and meaningful environment, with a special focus for individuals with an Estonian, Latvian or Lithuanian heritage.

A member of CCI since 1994, the initial appeal was to join together with other not for profit organisations to have more buying power within the market, which as a single site was not an option previously. Amber Aged Care have been able to utilise 12 of the categories offered covering food, consumables and services.

Steve says: “CCI has helped us with cost control over several areas from kitchen to clinical. We appreciate that we have engaging relationships with suppliers and they understand us and the care and high quality experience we are aiming to provide to our residents.”

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