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Bega has finalised the acquisition of the Lion Dairy & Drinks business.


But what does this mean to our members and existing CCI contract’s with Lion Dairy & Drinks?

Tim Scarpella, Key Account Manager from Bega has provided the following helpful information.

Q: Are there any impacts to our business following the sale?

A: There are no immediate impacts on your business expected as a result of this. CCI’s contract with Lion Dairy & Drinks continues on a business as usual basis. Ensuring continuity of supply, quality and service to our members is our priority.

Q: Is this good news for CCI members?

A: Yes. We believe Bega, an established dairy and food company with more than 120 years of heritage, is well placed to drive the Dairy & Drinks business forward given its deep dairy capabilities and strong commitment to iconic Australian brands and the local dairy industry.

Q: Are Bega Australian owned?

A: Yes. Bega is a proud Australian company and now all iconic brands within the Dairy & Drinks portfolio will be 100% proudly Aussie owned too.

Q: Are all brands and products included in the sale?

A: Yes. This sale includes all the Dairy & Drinks milk, yoghurt, cream, juice, flavoured milk and water ice brands including our blockbuster brands – Pura, Farmers Union, Yoplait, Dairy Farmers, Berri, Daily Juice, Dare and Zooper Dooper.

Q: What will happen to the existing agreements we have in place with farmers/suppliers?

A: Our commitment to support our dairy farmers and fruit growers continues as strongly as ever. There are no immediate changes because of the sale announcement.

Q: What about manufacturing sites?

A: It also includes the Dairy & Drinks’ 11 dairy and juice manufacturing sites in Australia, including the local dairy site in Salisbury. The sale also includes the Lion Dairy & Drinks’ share of the joint venture Vitasoy

Q: What happens next?

A: For now it is business as usual. There will be more exciting updates to come so watch this space!

Q: How do I contact Bega to organise supply?

A: Please contact key contact or Customer Service on 1800 000 570

For more information visit the ‘Dairy and Drinks’ section of the Bega website:

There you’ll be able to log on to the existing customers’ portal to place an order, obtain copies of your invoices or set up direct debit for an existing account: