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Health Care

How We Can Help Your Health Care Organisation

Through years of working with not for profit agencies in health care, CCI Services understand the sector’s commitment to delivering the very best services possible and achieving the best health outcomes for clients.

CCI Services knows health care

CCI Services understands that, every day, your operating environment becomes more challenging under the impact of factors ranging from rapidly rising costs, staff recruitment and retention management, technological and treatment advancement, and a highly dynamic regulatory environment.

Effective not for profit health care services are a vital part of the health care system, and creating a sustainable future for your organisation is not tomorrow’s job. It’s today’s.

Saving time and money, and delivering quality care with confidence is what CCI Members do every day. CCI Services stands with our health care Members, who benefit directly from the group purchasing power, consolidation, compliance and tender management services we offer.

And by joining with more than 270 like-minded organisations who are members of CCI, you will be contributing to the joint strength of the sector to deliver a positive impact.

When your organisation saves money, it means you can do more for your community and, through unified strength, so can all our members.

That’s the power of CCI membership.

What we do for our Members

CCI Services understands the dedication of not for profit health care organisations and we share your commitment to delivering the best value to your clients, along with supporting improved efficiencies for your business operations.

CCI Members in the not for profit health can unlock the advantages of group buying and order consolidation immediately upon joining. Most of our members save at least the equivalent of their membership fee in the first month, if not on the first order.

On behalf of all our members, CCI Services has secured top performing contracts with some of Australia’s leading suppliers to the health care sector.

This increases our Members’ purchasing power and is backed by our compliance management support, with all current supplier compliance certifications available 24/7 via our Member Portal. This means anytime you require documentation for audit or reporting activities, it’s there to download.

We are proud of our rigorous due diligence and competitive tendering processes, undertaken so our Members can be confident they are getting the best value for money available without having to constantly search out and evaluate new products and suppliers. Our team is on hand at all times to assist with improving procurement strategy outcomes and sourcing suppliers and products as needed.

Our Suppliers in Health Care

CCI Services is proud to work with these suppliers, each with many years of experience providing goods and services to the health care sector.

Find more suppliers, products and services here.