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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some questions commonly asked by organisations considering joining CCI Services. We welcome any other questions you may have.

Please contact us via phone or our enquiry form.

Membership is inexpensive, at just $110 per year for organisations with multiple locations and $85 for organisations with just the one site.
CCI Members have access to suppliers that are offering great products and services at great prices. By becoming a member, you can pick and choose which suppliers to use, but you’re not locked into the suppliers that we have selected. This means you can maintain your flexibility in some categories and leverage our unified not for profit sector benefits in others.

CCI Members do not need to maintain a spend level with CCI Suppliers in order to retain membership.

Some suppliers may have a minimum order quantity to secure free delivery, but there is no requirement to spend a set amount of money each year. This means that smaller not for profits are able to gain the same benefits from their membership as larger organisations.

CCI membership comes with its own standard set of terms and conditions which can be found here.

When contracts are negotiated with CCI suppliers, the CCI team also secures a standard set of terms and conditions with each supplier. This enables CCI Members to not only access great pricing, but also standardised terms and conditions that have been negotiated with our members’ best interests in mind.

The payment terms with suppliers are set by CCI’s standard terms and conditions in the header agreement per supplier, which is generally 30 days from invoice. A summary of the header agreement terms and conditions per supplier can be discussed with a member of the CCI team.
CCI encourage our suppliers and members to develop a strong working relationship together, however we understand that sometimes misunderstanding and disagreements happen. CCI can support you to work towards an agreeable outcome for all parties involved.
If your organisation has this requirement, or are planning to introduce this requirement, please engage with CCI in the first instance for advice as to which suppliers can support this, and the software programs supported.
CCI collates monthly spend data per member, per month. As part of your membership, you can expect CCI to provide you with MI reporting on your organisation across the contracts that you utilise, and based on your industry, comparisons with your like-peers as to what additional categories are available to you for additional savings opportunities.
As a member, you can access the Members Portal Area on this website, where you can search by supplier, and view and download all relevant compliance certifications at any time for your records.
As part of the service CCI offers members, we are happy to coordinate, on your behalf, a discovery meeting to understand your current purchasing arrangements and future goals, and to work with our suppliers to deliver on your expectations. Alternatively, members are welcome to contact suppliers directly and coordinate a review comparison of your incumbent with the CCI contract offer.
As a member, it is your choice whether you opt into the CCI pricing offer with our suppliers. In most instances, our suppliers will provide you with the CCI rates to enable comparison.
As part of the procurement compliance process that CCI conducts during the tender process, our suppliers provide evidence of compliance to the Modern Slavery Act, along with their cyber security preparedness and ESG actions. Members are able to find this information in the member portal on this site, but can also contact the supplier and CCI to find out more if you have further questions.

One of the key benefits to members is that CCI enables a better pricing for all members through group purchasing rates on a basket of goods. 

The basket is reviewed with suppliers on a regular basis, to ensure that members changing requirements are covered and the basket is fit for purpose. 

The other key element is longer pricing stability from our suppliers, which allows members greater control on budgets over a longer time period. From time to time, our suppliers may offer members special pricing based on seasonality and availability of lines. These offers will be communicated via supplier representatives and notification emails from