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How We Can Help Your Education Organisation

The not for profit education sector plays a vital role in the quality of life in our communities. CCI Services is here to assist these organisations develop a sustainable future to underpin efficient and cost effective service delivery. 

CCI Services knows education

CCI Services are specialists in supplying competitively priced goods and services to the not for profit education sector.

CCI Services understands the critical role of education in all our lives, and how it directly influences future quality of life for every child. The importance of this to the community, and the nation, simply cannot ever be overstated. However, this also means the dedicated organisations who deliver education services in this sector are living and working daily with this expectation from their stakeholders and clients.

We know that ensuring the ongoing delivery of quality education in the not for profit sector is pressured daily by significant cost of living increases, together with the added concerns of recruiting and retaining skilled staff and the demand for places outstripping supply.

In such an environment, the efficiencies and savings available to you through membership of CCI can assist you by ensuring the compliance processes, group purchasing power and access to specialist suppliers are all in place and operating smoothly. Our focus is on delivering the best service, and we have proven savings and efficiencies for our Members over many decades. We can help your organisation improve outcomes for a sustainable future.

That’s the power of CCI membership.

What we do for our Members

Membership of CCI Services unlocks efficiencies, savings and frees up your time

Through CCI Membership, your organisation gains immediate support and savings. Most of our Members save at least the equivalent of their membership fee within the first month, if not on their first order.

CCI Services works with quality suppliers and we operate under a continuous review process for competitive tenders on our Members’ behalf, which means all our Members can be confident of getting the best prices and services on an ongoing basis without worrying about managing individual tender processes.

Our ability to consolidate ordering adds even more savings and efficiencies, and our Member Portal gives you instant access to current compliance documentation whenever you require it for audits or business risk management requirements.

And by joining with more than 270 like-minded organisations who are members of CCI, you will be contributing to the joint strength of the sector to deliver a positive impact. When your organisation saves money, it means you can do more for your community and, through unified strength, so can all our members.

Our Suppliers in Education

CCI Services is proud to work with these suppliers, each with many years of experience providing goods and services to the education sector.

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