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Disability Services

How We Can Help Your Disability Service

Access to competitively priced goods and services is essential to not for profit organisations in the disability services sector, both to deliver quality service and to ensure a sustainable organisational future.

CCI are specialists in sourcing and supplying products and services for the not for profit disability services sector.

CCI Services knows disability services

CCI Services understands and shares the disability service sector’s focus on delivering the best outcomes for clients. We also know the pressures that are a constant challenge to your ability to deliver those outcomes. 

From our extensive experience working with not for profit organisations in the disability services sector, we are aware that those challenges include cost pressures, extensive waitlists, and staff recruitment and retention. These significant challenges result in continuous pressure to continue to deliver services and maintain operations with fewer resources.

For NDIS providers, the uncertainty of the current environment is diverting focus from essential compliance and the critical need to maintain effective systems, auditable data trails, clear documentation and protocols to protect your organisation against costly and disruptive breaches.

By joining with more than 270 like-minded organisations who are members of CCI, your organisation will be empowered to achieve more with your available resources, backed by our rigorous compliance processes. That’s the power of CCI Membership.

What we do for our Members

A low annual membership fee unlocks access to CCI’s rigorous due diligence and competitive tendering processes, providing you with 24/7 access to up to date compliance documentation along with our combined buying power to deliver the best price and service. 

Most of our Members save at least the equivalent of their membership fee in the first month, if not on the first order.

CCI membership delivers significant savings on a daily basis because we can leverage the advantages of group buying, regardless of the size of your organisation. Our ability to consolidate ordering adds even more savings and efficiencies, and our team is always available to assist with procurement strategy guidance and sourcing suppliers.

Our competitive tendering process and extensive due diligence also directly benefits members, because it frees you from the costly process of individual tendering. Instant access to current certifications and compliance information will help streamline your audit processes and reduce your business risk. These benefits can support you to sustain your organisation through the current dynamic regulatory environment. 

What our Members say about being part of CCI Services

Read these case studies to learn more about what being a Member of CCI Services can deliver for your organisation. 

Our Suppliers in Disability Services

CCI Services is proud to work with these suppliers, each with many years of experience providing goods and services to the disability services sector.

Find more suppliers, products and services here.