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How We Can Help Your Community Organisation

CCI Services understands not for profit community organisations. We have been supporting people in this sector for almost 50 years, and we share your focus on caring for some of the most vulnerable members of our community.

CCI Services knows community care

We understand that community organisations face quite distinct challenges, and that these challenges are increasing in the current economic environment.

Many community organisations cannot, on their own, achieve the sort of buying power that larger groups can access. This results in even greater impacts when the cost of living starts to escalate, particularly now. We are also acutely aware that many organisations rely on volunteers and have to seek additional funding through donations and grants. In this environment, efficiency and value for money are paramount.

CCI Services has partnered with some of the sector’s leading suppliers with the objective of assisting community organisations to benefit from improved purchasing power, and to gain access to rigorously managed compliance systems.

When your organisation saves money, it means you can do more for your community and, through unified strength, so can all our members.

That’s the power of CCI membership.

What we do for our Members

CCI Members in the health care sector have benefited for years from the support provided through their membership. From the first month, most Members have already saved their low annual membership fee. Many Members save the equivalent in their first order.

Along with those savings, membership of CCI Services unlocks significant value through the benefits of our excellent contracts with some of Australia’s leading suppliers to the sector, backed by rigorous due diligence and competitive tender processes undertaken on behalf of all our Members.

CCI Services also consolidates orders to deliver even more savings, and our team is available to support you to improve procurement strategy outcomes and locate new products and suppliers when you need them.

Our members also have instant access to current certifications and compliance information on our suppliers at all times, meaning audit processes can be streamlined and business risk reduced.

CCI Services exists to deliver these benefits to the not for profit sector. The results for our Members have consistently proven the value of being part of a community of 270 like-minded organisations.

What our Members say about being part of CCI Services

Read these case studies to learn more about what being a Member of CCI Services can deliver for your organisation.

Operation Flinders Member Case Study-3

Operation Flinders

Our Suppliers in Community Care

CCI Services is proud to work with these suppliers, each with many years of experience providing goods and services to the community care sector.

Find more suppliers, products and services here.