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Member Case Study

Ben Hall

CEO of Barossa Village

“Being a CCI Member, supports the achievement of the organisational goals of Barossa Village and it makes me feel like my personal value set is also being fulfilled”

Established in 1964, Barossa Village is a not for profit and community owned organisation. As one of the top five employers in the region, the services offered include independent retirement living, in home care, residential care, respite care and community connection.

Ben says: “There is value to be gained through the economies of scale of collaborative purchasing arrangements within the not for profit sector. Additionally, there are time savings and risk reduction as buying through the CCI contracts reduces the demands on our workforce as the framework agreements are in

Through having a membership with CCI, Barossa Village are provided with procurement options on a user-opt in basis. Ben said “I’m passionate about collaborative procurement and supporting local outcomes.”

Barossa Village