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Local Government

How We Can Help Your Local Government Organisation

CCI Services are specialists in supplying competitively priced goods and services to the local government sector.

CCI Services works with our Members in this sector to connect them to suppliers who also understand the particular requirements and procurement environment of local government.

CCI Services knows local government

Because we understand the integral role of local government in supporting a thriving community through the delivery of services that directly impact wellbeing, we know local government is so much more than roadworks and bin collections.

This means we can efficiently support your procurement systems, compliance and audit requirements.

We understand achieving value for money through local government procurement activities is an ever-more challenging objective, particularly with increasing cost pressures along all areas in the supply chain. CCI Services is here to support you to deliver greater value for money for your community and organisation through efficiency, value for money and peace of mind.

When your organisation saves money, it means you can do more for your community and, through unified strength, so can all our members.

That’s the power of CCI membership.

What we do for our Members

CCI Services Members in the local government sector have ongoing access to quality suppliers, products and services through a simple low annual membership fee.

Most of our Members save at least the equivalent of their membership fee in the first month, if not on the first order.

Membership unlocks improved buying power, order consolidation and direct access to assistance with sourcing suppliers or new products, or improving your procurement strategy outcomes

Our comprehensive competitive tendering and compliance processes provide efficient access to current compliance certifications any time you need them through our Member Portal, confident in the knowledge that you are supported by rigorous tendering and ongoing compliance checks with all our suppliers.

We can also assist you to manage and reduce tender management costs because we undertake group tenders on behalf of all Members regularly.

What our Members say about being part of CCI Services

Read these case studies to learn more about what being a Member of CCI Services can deliver for your organisation.

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Local Government

Our Suppliers in Local Government

CCI Services is proud to work with these suppliers, each with many years of experience providing goods and services to the local government sector.

Find more suppliers, products and services here.