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How We Can Help Your Childcare Organisation

CCI Services are specialists in supplying competitively priced goods and services to the not for profit childcare sector, working with a rigorously selected range of suppliers who have been chosen for their quality of products and customer service.

CCI Services knows childcare

CCI Services understands that childcare services are offered in many forms, ranging from daycare to special needs and in-home care – but all share the common challenges of trying daily to do more with less in a highly competitive and regulated environment. 

Through our extensive experience working with Members in this sector, we know you are facing significant cost pressures, including rising prices for goods and services, along with staff shortages, wage pressures, and demand for places being outstripped by supply. 

Because CCI Services has been supporting our Members in this sector for many years. Our team understand these challenges.

We have proven results for our Members, who have achieved much-needed cost efficiencies, time savings, and streamlined compliance through their membership of CCI Services.

We are here to help our members navigate what has become a challenging operating environment, and partner with you to build a sustainable future for your organisation.

That’s the power of CCI membership.

What we do for our Members

CCI Members in the childcare sector have access to significant savings and efficiencies through our excellent contracts with leading suppliers of goods and services for the sector.

Our Members gain all the advantages of group buying and order consolidation to save money. Most of our members save at least the equivalent of their membership fee in the first month, if not on the first order.

Our rigorous due diligence and competitive tendering processes mean you can avoid the costly process of managing your own tender processes. CCI Members are also able to reduce business risks and streamline your audit processes through instant access to current compliance documentation for all our suppliers through the Member Portal on our website. 

For Members seeking assistance with procurement strategies or sourcing suppliers, our team is on hand at any time to work with you to achieve your specific procurement objectives.

And by joining with more than 270 like-minded organisations who are Members of CCI, you will be contributing to the joint strength of the sector to deliver a positive impact.

Our Suppliers in Childcare

CCI Services is proud to work with these suppliers, each with many years of experience providing goods and services to the childcare sector.

Find more suppliers, products and services here.