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CCI Services Rebrands


After close to fifty years servicing the not for profit sector and helping drive its efficiency, CCI Services has undertaken a refresh of our brand to best reflect our operations today.

A brand review is more than just a logo, it’s deeper than that, it’s about reviewing who you are as an organisation, what you do to deliver value and how you reflect this in not only how you look, but how you act.

Since its inception, CCI has been focused on not for profit organisations and the fantastic impact that they have for the community. CCI’s role is to help amplify this impact by uniting the not for profit sector, so that as a whole, we’re able to deliver even more to those we serve. This feeling of unity amongst members was a key finding in our recently completed stakeholder survey and our new branding reflects this.

The key element in our logo is the forward facing arrow. This arrow represents momentum and the drive to make a difference to the members we serve. This drive is reflected in our current growth across Australia and with this growth comes even more unity and more purchasing power.

We’re proud of what we’ve been able to achieve as a not for profit ourselves and we’re excited about what the future holds for all CCI members. We’ll keep you informed of further developments at CCI as they occur and we encourage you to follow us on Linkedin if you are not doing so already.

On behalf of everyone at CCI, thankyou for your ongoing commitment to unify together and doing so via your CCI membership.

Yours Sincerely

Russell Schrale


CCI Services