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Thomas Foods
Servicing: Aged Care, Disability Services, Childcare, Education, Local Government, Health Care, Community
Supplying: National, SA, VIC
Established in 1988, Thomas Foods International is a family run and operated business dedicated to supplying quality meat and seafood products to Australian businesses and organisations. They pride themselves on the ability to cater and scale the product offering to all organisations of all sizes and tailoring products to meet changing customer requirements. With eight local offices and facilities across six states and territories support the success of over 7,100 customers, Thomas Foods International is a business who can provide national coverage, but act local. As a supplier to CCI initially through the acquisition of Holco, Thomas Foods have been supporting members for many years. Through the partnership with Cappo Seafood, members can source reliable, quality protein options across beef, chicken, pork, lamb, fish and seafood options to suit their menu requirements.

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