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Supply Update – January 2022


Dear Member,

One only needs to go as far as your local supermarket to verify the effects of the present supply chain challenges Australia is facing.

CCI Group Purchasing is working closely with our suppliers to mitigate the knock-on effects of chronic labour and transport shortages.

As a reminder, all our suppliers have a prioritisation for CCI members when it comes to allocations.

Whilst there are major disruptions, the good news is that many of our suppliers have been proactive in increasing their inventories as a buffer against potential shortages. We are pleased to confirm that inventory levels for most items are strong. However, should there be an issue on particular items, suppliers have alternatives. On the downside transportation issues mean that there could be disruption on delivery.

Labour shortages and transport constraints, both locally and internationally, combined with supermarket chains outbidding each other with suppliers, are driving prices higher, for at least the short term (est. 2-4 months). CCI is working with suppliers to limit the increases wherever possible.

PPE and Rapid antigen tests (RATs) are making their way back into stock with backorders being filled first. RATs supply will still be challenging for a while as governments are substituting PCR testing with RATs. To find out about more please follow the links to COS here,CH2 here and Dominant here.

Updates from our suppliers:

Abbott NutritionNippysKimberly Clark and Flavour Creations – Stocks are good, no anticipated shortages

Dominant – Stocks good, no anticipated shortages – have access to RATs, details available in the Dominant member area on our website.

Minda Laundry and LinenFlick and Suez – Operating as normal

CH2 – Shortages on disposable gowns and N95 masks. Warehouse is well stocked, please use generic searches such as “masks” etc rather than being too specific, new lines are being introduced to supplement stocks. Please see full details here.

PFD – Warehouse is well stocked, some lines unobtainable for more details click here.

COS – Good stocks of most items including PPE and chemicals, RATs arriving soon, further details here.

Thomas Foods – Red meat shortages are starting to appear as stock cannot get to market/abattoirs. Please reach out to your representative when planning menus as situations change rapidly.

Farmhouse Fresh – Local supply ok; delivery from interstate is very tight, expensive, and unreliable. Shortages will be experienced on an array of fruit and veg over the next two months. Reach out to your representative when planning menus to avoid disappointment.

Air Liquide – With the increase in demand for oxygen, Air Liquide would like to assure you that medical gases remain available. Our operations teams work closely together to support the needs of each state. Whilst we may face situations where we are unable to supply a specific cylinder type or size, there will always be an alternative solution provided to ensure continuity of supply, more details here.

Tip Top – only intermittent supply issues, customer service team will contact you if shortages occur. Updates from Tip Top will be emailed direct when situations arise.

Bega – no supply issues, some transport issues. To assist with transportation, Bega requests, where possible, to consolidate orders, i.e. less deliveries per week (for the short term). This will help overcome any driver shortages.

Need to know more? Please visit the member area on our website for the contact details of your representative and/or customer service team and reach out. We are here to help. 

Kind regards,
CCI Group Purchasing