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What’s the Disability Discrimination Act ?

With the help of Kimberly-Clark Professional, find out why it matters for your facility’s restroom design.

The Federal Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (DDA) provides protection for everyone in Australia against discrimination based on disability. The DDA covers areas of life including, amongst others, education, employment and housing. In all these places, being able to go to the toilet is a basic right. The Australian Standard AS1428.1 General requirements for access – New building work sets out the requirements for accessible toilets for people who may use wheelchairs and ambulant toilets which are for people who may use equipment such as crutches or walking sticks to walk.
The Standard outlines the specific details for the installation of the toilet pan, grabrails and toilet paper holder in accessible and ambulant facilities. The outlet of the toilet paper holder is required within a defined zone in front of the toilet pan, under the grabrail and at a height that can be easily reached. If the toilet paper holder is too low or too far in front of the pan, a person could lose balance as they attempt to reach the paper. Installing a toilet paper holder too close to the underside of the grabrail or above the grabrail will prevent some people using the grabrail to transfer onto the toilet or from using it to maintain balance.
The advantage of the Kimberly-Clark Professional Twin Centre Pull Bath Tissue is that when it’s installed under the grabrail, the outlets are both located within the zone specified by the Standard. This ensures the bath tissue is at a convenient height and easier to reach for a person than other units which dispense tissue from the base of the unit. These dispensers can be used for accessible and ambulant facilities. Facility owners will need to ensure that the paper is correctly protruding from the units to allow a person to grasp the paper and has been installed with the outlets within the required zones.

If you’d like to learn about the Kimberly-Clark Professional Twin Centre Pull System or how Kimberly-Clark Professional can help make your workplace healthier, safer and more productive, please don’t hesitate to call: SA: Peter Matheson, KCP – Senior Account Manager (SA) 0467 167 454
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