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April 2022 Newsletter


Welcome to our April edition Newsletter.

As the first newsletter to go out to members since my appointment to CCI Group Purchasing, I’d like to say how excited I am to join the team. I’ve been impressed by the operations of the organisation and the quality, depth and breadth of not only the suppliers, but most importantly the member base. I’m looking forward to learning more about the work that you undertake for the community and how we at CCI can help you drive your organisation further.

In April we have seen the easing of some supply chain issues, PPE is now abundant as are rapid antigen tests. This has been a great improvement over the previous situation and we thank our suppliers for keeping you stocked over this challenging time. We have seen some abatement in the cost of lamb which was passed on promptly to our members. With physical restrictions easing and over 5.2 million reported cases in Australian to date, we’re all continuing to adjust to this ‘new normal’.

An analysis of MYOB’s payroll data reveals that absenteeism rates are sitting 33 per cent higher than long-term averages.* To the credit of our suppliers, they have mitigated the labour squeeze and its compounding effect on the membership by simply working harder and longer.

Please reach out to your contact at CCI if you are experiencing any supply issues, we stand ready to help.

Kind Regards,

Russell Schrale
CEO CCI Group Purchasing

*Financial Review April 2022

CCI Group Purchasing appoint Linen Services Australia as preferred supplier of Laundry Services to membership.

CCI and Linen Services Australia are pleased to announce they have reached agreement on a new contract, effective on the 5th of April 2022.

After an extensive and competitive process, four providers were evaluated across key criteria, CCI have selected Linen Services Australia as the preferred supplier for laundry services to its membership. Click here to find out more

Linen Services Australia is a part of the largest linen rental company in Australia. It is a leader in the provision of laundry and textile solutions. Australian owned and operated, Linen Services Australia is a brand of Ensign Services (Aust.) Pty Ltd, who were founded in West Melbourne in 1927.

If your organisation is experiencing, service/quality/pricing issues with your current laundry, we urge you to contact CCI’s Business Development Managers, Mark Sykes or Georgina Weston, who will support your transition to Linen Services Australia. 

CCI Group welcomes our new members:

Product Spotlight – Cream matters to Bega

Bega’s range of dairy products have been used by Australians chefs and families for generations and it is easy to see why. Whether it be thickened cream, sour cream or buttermilk.

How is cream often used? What is cream most often used in? To find out click here.

Product Spotlight – Air purification solutions for the Aged Care sector

Air purification is a very hot topic in 2022. The more well ventilated an area is, the lesser the chance of contracting Covid. Air filters do not provide ventilation and do not replace other ventilation methods. However, they can help to reduce the concentration of the COVID-19 virus in the air, thus reducing the possibility of transmission.
An effective air purifier cleans the air, filtering out pollutants, bacteria, and contagious airborne infections like COVID-19, the common cold, and influenza. AeraMax® Professional commercial-grade air purifiers are engineered to clean the air where it’s needed most. Patented EnviroSmart™ Technology responds to the environment, allowing for efficient and low-maintenance operation. Have the air purification conversation today and make an assessment on your indoor air quality needs. Click here to find out more about air purification solutions for the Aged Care sector.

Product Spotlight – Abbott Nutrition, We’re Here For Life

At Abbott Nutrition, we are here to help through life’s ages and stages. We understand that things in life don’t always go to plan. There are ups and there are downs. Sometimes help is needed to get things back on track. At Abbott Nutrition, we work with Healthcare professionals to give you as much help as we can to keep you in the best of health. And we always will. Since 1956, we’ve been dedicated to helping people live healthier lives in Australia and New Zealand through a diverse range of science-based nutritional products, manufacturing the highest-quality products and finding lasting solutions to unique local health challenges.

Advancing Health and Wellness in Australia and New Zealand:

Abbott offers an array of leading products in Australia and New Zealand to help people live healthier, fuller lives.

Nutritional Products

We understand that proper nutrition is the foundation for living the best life possible. That’s why we develop science-based nutrition products for people of all ages. We are behind some of the world’s most trusted names in paediatric, adult and healthy-living nutritional products, including Ensure®Glucerna®EleCare® and PediaSure®, as well as specialty products that help meet the nutritional requirements of people with a variety of health conditions, such as cancer-induced weight loss, diabetes and kidney disease.

Click here for a selection guide to Abbott nutrition’s oral nutritional supplements

Supplier Spotlight – Dominant nominated as finalists in the 2022 South Australian Impact Awards

It was a great honour for the Dominant team to attend the 2022 South Australian Impact Awards as one of 11 state finalists on Wednesday, April 6th.
The event was a huge success and we are beyond grateful to have had the opportunity to rub shoulders with the exemplary leaders behind some of our great state’s most successful businesses.
We are thrilled to announce our CEO Douglas Bolzon has been recognised with the South Australian Leaders Executive Series Scholarship – a well-deserved recognition.
We are honoured to have been nominated as finalists and thank our entire National Team for making this possible. We are fortunate to be working with such a dedicated and talented bunch who are committed to driving the best possible outcomes at the highest of standards for our business, and most importantly, our clients who have supported us throughout our 60+ year journey.
We are proud to have walked away with this incredible recognition, and send
our congratulations to all the finalists, what an achievement for everyone! 

Product Spotlight – Air purification solutions for the Education sector

Of all vaccine preventable diseases, the flu is the leading cause of hospitalisation among Australian children under 5 years of age. Not only are flu infection rates generally among children, but children also contribute greatly to transmission of the flu in the community.

The flu is more likely to contract the flu from the air and with poor indoor air quality, it can also affect children ‘s health and comfort. Children with asthma or allergies are particularly sensitive to indoor air pollutants, resulting in increased or more severe reactions and episodes. Click here to find out more about air purification solutions for the Education sector.

Supplier Spotlight

CH2 continues to provide support to our CCI Members to ensure that they continue to hold sufficient stock holdings to manage any potential or confirmed outbreaks at aged care facilities and in the community.

If you require support with additional stock to top up your contingency stock holdings, please reach out to your local CH2 representative for support. We will work with a group of local and internal manufacturers to source the stock you require. Head to the Member Area on our website to contact your CH2 representative to find out more.

NEW – CH2 Tubular Bandages

CH2 is pleased to release its own range of tubular bandages. The Baremedical elastic bandages provide comfortable, controlled and consistent compression for strains and sprains, soft tissue injuries, support following cast removal, general edema, post-graft pressure for burn patients and rib injuries. Click here for more product information.

Price Update | Effective 13/4/22

Dear CCI Members,

On our last price notification dated 25th of February 2022, Thomas Foods and CCI Group Purchasing agreed to review the Red Meat category pricing in April 2022.

After a thorough review, Thomas Foods is pleased to announce the following price decreases to the basket of goods effective 13th April 2022. As follows:

In general, red meat supply remains tight throughout Australia due to the national heard rebuild and strong global demand for protein, keeping pricing at high levels.

Thomas Foods is committed to delivering quality and value to the CCI Membership. As always, CCI heavily scrutinises all increases, and will revisit pricing with Thomas Foods to seek further price reductions when market conditions prevail.

Sincerely yours,

Duncan Booth
Thomas Foods Australia