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May 2022 Newsletter


Welcome to our latest edition of the CCI Newsletter.

As the weather turns colder, we move on from the Federal election and continue to see geopolitical challenges in our region and beyond, we’re reminded that change is a constant force. When it comes to our own organisations, change continues to be felt in our supply chains as local and global influences are continuing to drive prices higher. At CCI, we’re in constant communication with our suppliers and are seeking to understand the price drivers and how we can best serve our members by reducing the impact of them. Price rises are to be expected, but it is through our unified buying power that we can ensure that we’re best placed to tackle them.

CCI reached a milestone during the month, by reaching $40 million of purchases made by members through our supply chain partners for the year to date. This is a record year for the organisation with more months of sales still to add to the total. This milestone should be celebrated by all members, as it shows that through working together, we all become stronger and can better deliver to our communities.

As an organisation we’ve finalised our stakeholder engagement project and it has provided valuable insights into both our members and suppliers. It’s shown us where we can improve and where you seek additional support from us. We are now in the process of reviewing the findings and setting plans in place to act on the recommendations. For those of you that took the time to participate in the interviews and surveys, we extend our warmest thanks and appreciate your feedback and support. Thanks to your participation in the survey, we donated $500 to Foodbank who are providing essential food and grocery relief to more than one million Australians experiencing food insecurity every month.

Product Spotlight – Plant Powered & Ready to Use Cleaning Solutions from Dominant

The Plant Powered Cleaning range by Dominant is here to simplify the way you clean with twelve new ready-to-use cleaning products. These eco-friendly cleaning products harness the power of plant-based ingredients in a convenient ready-to-use trigger, or squeeze bottle – no dilution or heavy lifting required. For more information click here.

Oxygen Concentrators Promotion recently reported that the worldwide market for Portable Oxygen Concentrators is expected to grow at 12.4% over the next five years, will reach $1180 million USD in 2024, from $590 million USD in 2019.
Air Liquide leads the market in Australia with a comprehensive range of Oxygen Generators. The Zen-O transportable O2 concentrator features up to 8 hours of battery life and comes with a bonus starter pack. To find out more, head to Air Liquide in the Member Area on our website. 

Washroom Hygiene Services

In any workplace, cross-contamination can lead to the quick transmission of dangerous viruses and bacteria. Good hygiene is your first line of defence against the spread of germs.
Flick’s cost-effective range of professional washroom hygiene solutions will defend your workplace from disease and cross contamination. Reach out to our Business Development Manager’s, Mark and Georgina, who can arrange a no obligation consultation with Flick. To find out more, head to Flick in the Member Area on our website. 

Basket of Goods Refresh & New Products

PFD and CCI are currently going through the process of reviewing the basket of goods on offer. The past couple of years have seen some change in the goods being purchased by members. There is more demand for portion control, individually wrapped products. PFD are working on providing the best possible offer to meet the members current needs and we continue to work with manufacturers to gain pricing support for the CCI group.

The month of May saw PFD experiencing much higher than normal out of stock rates. Just after Easter we were waiting on over 160 overdue deliveries of stock. There were significant delays in receiving goods from SPC, Riviana, Kellogg’s, Sara Lee and Arnotts to name just a few. As we head into June this situation has improved greatly, and our customers should expect to see a much better fill rate on their orders from now on.

McCains recently sold Sara Lee to a NZ based group, South Island Office, who also own Original Foods Baking Co in NZ. South Island Office took over the distribution of their Sara Lee goods about 8 weeks ago. The changeover did not go smoothly, and we experienced major delays from them for most of May.  They seem to be back on track now and hopefully we see them bring some new product to market later in the year.

We continue to see range rationalisation from our suppliers. Some of the goods we once had are no longer available for us to order. There are a few reasons why this is happening. Imported goods are taking a lot longer to arrive in Australia and shipping containers are in short supply. Companies are choosing to import the high demand items over the slower selling ones.

Staff shortages are causing Australian manufacturers to reduce their range so they can produce a consistent supply of their fast-moving items. Hopefully we see the return of some of those items soon.

PFD have recently introduced two new product offerings, “Professional Wellness Gravy” (with reduced sodium) and “Priestley’s Gourmet Delights Tray Cakes”. To find out more, head to PFD in the Member Area on our website. 

At your service,

Lianne Brooks
Healthcare Business Manager
0409 248 336

Product Spotlight – ENSURE® TWOCAL HN

Created in 1903, Abbott’s nutrition business is a division of Abbott, the global healthcare company. Every day, our team of passionate scientists and experts works hard to discover and develop nutrition products that better life for people of all ages.
As a leader in nutrition science, research and development, our goal is to deliver nutrition products and education that meet the changing needs of families across the world. We make products to help babies and children grow, that work to keep bodies strong, and that support the unique nutritional and therapeutic needs of adults.
Nutrition is the foundation to healthy living and here at Abbott Nutrition, we provide resources to help people live their best life.
TwoCal HN 2.0kcal/mL is a nutritionally complete, high-calorie formula designed to meet the increased protein and calorie needs of stressed patients and patients requiring low-volume feedings1.
It is specially formulated calorie and protein dense nutrition to help patients gain and maintain healthy weight with protein to help support lean body mass and wound healing.
Available in a 200ml ready-to-serve bottle. Use under medical supervision. To find further product information head to the Abbott information section in the Member Area on our website.

Cost-effective Technology, Furniture and Ergonomic Solutions

A lack of productivity and an unhealthy workforce can raise costs, increase absenteeism, and affect your bottom line.
Creating a healthy and collaborative environment starts with an ergonomically sound workspace equipped with latest technology and ergonomic furniture to meet the needs of staff, whether they are working from home, in the office, or on-the-road. Investing in proper ergonomics and making minor adjustments is essential for creating a more healthy, productive, and easy-going working environment.
If you are fitting out a new facility, or upgrading existing, please contact Alisha or Matt Alisha and Matt can provide special project pricing and a huge range to choose from.

New catalogue out now – click here to check it out.

Introducing REMONDIS Australia

On 9 April REMONDIS Australia acquired SUEZ’s waste management and resource recovery operations at Wingfield, retaining the full complement of expert employees and facilities that have served South Australia so well.
REMONDIS is a family-owned recycling, water and waste services group which started in Germany in 1934, came to Australia in 1982 and now operates in over 30 countries across Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. With over 36,000 employees worldwide – including 60 employees and a network of experienced contractors here in South Australia – REMONDIS serves around 30 million people and many thousands of companies.
As a private, family-owned company, REMONDIS is uniquely positioned to take a progressive position on environmental issues, and R&D investments in processing and digital innovation are readily shared across the REMONDIS Group to the benefit of all customers.
Within Australia, REMONDIS is organised into specialised divisions focused on Municipal services, Commercial & Industrial customers, Industrial Services (including liquid and hazardous waste streams and specialised services) and Managed Services. With 700+ vehicles in its fleet, REMONDIS is active across a wide spectrum of waste streams, and owns or manages 40 logistics, transfer stations, processing facilities and disposal facilities located across Australia.  
REMONDIS Australia’s CEO is Jochen Behr, who provides strategic support to the South Australian operations, ably led by Peter Young. REMONDIS Wingfield’s friendly, local customer service team is available on 13 73 73 to answer your questions, as always. Click here to explore REMONDIS online.
Lisa McCutchion
General Manager – Brand & Marketing
REMONDIS Australia Pty Ltd
Level 4, 163 O’Riordan Street, Mascot NSW 2020, Australia

Product Spotlight – Lactose free and fresh!

Expand your offering with one of Australia’s most trusted milk brands. NEW Pura Lactose Freeavailable in both full cream and light. Easier to digest for those sensitive to lactose*. Pura Milk is proudly Aussie owned and locally made in South Australia.

Product Spotlight – Portion Control Custards

Everybody loves custard! Nice, creamy and with body, just like nanna used to make. Bega introduced its first portion control custard in April this year.  Specifically designed to meet the hospital guidelines and at 63 cents per serving, it is the ideal item to put on the tray at afternoon tea, or just serve as a treat.