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Minda’s Laundry and Linen Services


CCI Group Purchasing supplier, Minda’s Laundry and Linen Services, offers professional laundering of clothing and linen for the healthcare, aged care, hospitality and accommodation industry.
The Lonsdale-based facility – which employs 75 staff, including 35 supported employees with disability – has enjoyed vigorous growth.
In December 2017, to meet this new growth, Minda made an additional multi-million dollar investment in new equipment, to increase capacity in the washroom. This included an additional continuous batch washer, water extraction press, new dryers, loading and off-loading shuttles, and associated equipment and conveyors to cope with demand.
Minda’s award-winning laundry facilities enable supported employees to undertake a large part of the operations. Receiving training, supported employees are able to contribute their skills and abilities in this highly successful venture.